Solutions for Energy Sector

Monitor production and consumption metrics with energy dashboards. Track energy consumption and production, equipment downtime, and more.

In the energy field, you need to be able to track a wide range of data. On the one hand, you need to monitor your customers’ energy consumption. At the same time, you need to keep an eye on the mills’ real-time production data. These measures, of course, are crucial as they ensure that you are able to meet your customers’ needs. In addition, they impact your company’s long-term financial success. However, tracking so many KPIs at once can seem like a daunting task.

Energy Dashboard Examples

Energy Consumption & Monitoring

PCM-BI energy consumption & monitoring dashboard answers several key questions for managing energy consumption and production

Power Plant Operations

The PCM – BI power plant operations dashboard displays live production data from a number of power plants.

PCM - BI for Energy

With PCM – BI easy-to-use, fully customizable dashboards, you can keep track of all the key performance indicators your business depends on:

  • Energy production and consumption numbers;
  • Energy production costs;
  • Plant availability and downtime;
  • Equipment functionality and efficiency;
  • Return on investment.