Solutions for Your Business -Dashboard Examples

  • Learn how businesses like yours use PCM – BI to drive better decision-making by reviewing our dashboard examples;
  • Browse sample dashboards by industry, department, or data analytics;
  • In your own data, find answers to some of your most pressing business challenges. Check out our dashboard examples below.

From education to telecommunications, PCM – BI helps businesses in all industries to see the story that lives in their data. Data presented in graphical format allows you to get insights quickly.


Monitor safety data, work quality, and project statuses to keep your job site running smoothly.


Analyze stats like funds, expenditures, etc., and make data-driven decisions for effective budget plans and schemes.


Control risks in pricing, claims, and reserving by combining Predictive Analytics and using a business intelligence dashboard.

Pharmaceutical Analytics

Revolutionize your pharmaceutical business by tracking quality metrics using a business intelligence dashboard.


Track performance and enrollment metrics to ensure the long-term success of students and schools.


Drive hospital growth and patient satisfaction together by effectively monitoring the hospital resources use and patient experience.


Track production metrics, equipment availability, and labor costs to increase efficiency and achieve your business goals.

Real Estate

Optimize your sales strategy by analyzing market data, ad campaigns, and revenue streams.


Extract insights about energy consumption and production to implement measures for saving energy.


Concentrate more about increasing hotel revenue by tracking.


Increase profitability by tracking customer satisfaction metrics, network usage, and operational costs using a business intelligence dashboard.


Overcome cut-throat retail competition and merchandise better by effectively tracking retail operations using a business intelligence dashboard.