Supply Chain

Solutions for Supply Chain Management

Monitor your supply chain performance to get deep insights into your operations and make effective decisions. Track supply chain cycle time, perfect order rates, and more.

If you work in supply chain management, your team depends on you to reduce costs, increase transparency and speed up production cycles. However, you also need to track financial KPIs such as days outstanding, days outstanding, and shipping cost per unit. This data helps you do your work more efficiently. Furthermore, it guarantees a positive experience for your customers.

Supply Chain Dashboard Examples

Supply Chain Performance Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of a company’s key order metrics.

Supply Chain Warehouse Management Dashboard

This inventory management dashboard displays key metrics such as inventory days of supply, back order rate, and more.

Bold BI for Supply Chain

With PCM-BI user-friendly, fully customizable dashboards, you can track all the key performance indicators that supply chain professionals depend on:

  • Cash to cycle time;
  • Perfect order rate;
  • Customer order cycle time;
  • Inventory days of supply;
  • Inventory turnover;
  • Freight cost per unit.